Happy Turtle Buddy…

While looking through my clay cupboard today I found this turtle staring at me with his big eyes beckoning to have his photo taken. I told him he’d have to wait, that I had some work to get done first…but no, he just wouldn’t listen. He insisted on having his photo taken there and then and that was final!!

Happy turtle wearing a witches hat

As you can see…I gave in.

What’s a girl gotta do to get some work done around here!!!? He’d better not tell his friends he got the better of me or this could be the beginning of the end!!! I can just see them all lining up!

Cute little fella though, isn’t he? Little show-off!

His shell is made of millefiori canework while the hat on his head tells us that he’s no ordinary turtle! He’s a witch’s apprentice.

Stay tuned for my Good Witchie-poos!

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