The Cake Topper Topper for a Birthday to celebrate Vito the Marathon Man

This article is the story about a cake topper for a birthday. It is Vito’s 40th birthday, and he is passionate about sport and running. In fact, Vito is very active and participates in marathons throughout Europe. Every personalized cake topper has a story, and so does this one. Many of you enjoy reading these “behind the scenes” stories leading up the creation of a MaryMade Cake Topper.
I coined the term ‘Boomerang client’ when people who had ordered cake toppers from me began returning and ordering other personalized toppers. I tend to bond with some clients, and we keep in touch. Things work out just like a real shop.
It’s no surprise that an Australian like me should come up with a term like that!
People like to make a return to your favourite store and enjoy shopping there, because they like the products and the people who run it. People tend to return once and even repeatedly to purchase things. And so do many of you keep me in mind for more of my unique cake toppers. They make celebrating important and special events for themselves, their friends and family much more fun!

Vito’s happy birthday cake topper

Maddalena over the years, has become a perfect example of a satisfied boomerang client. Our paths first met when she ordered a wedding cake topper for her own wedding, followed by one for her parents’ wedding anniversary, another for her niece’s second birthday and more recently, this year’s order for her brother’s 40th birthday and whose passion is marathon running. Here it is:
Cake Topper for a Birthday -
Cake Topper for a Birthday –
Maddalena was quick to come up with the idea for a unique cake topper and asked me to represent him in the marathon gear he wore in an important race which took place in Belgium.
With clear ideas and helpful photos I was able to model him sporting his striking red running shoes with bright yellow laces, black compression top and pants and also added his bib, indicating name and ID number.
Gloves for the cold Belgian winter and green bandana as a head warmer were also part of his apparel.
I added two references to his age: a gold medal with a number forty and a larger, more striking number forty on the base.
My ‘trademark’ ladybug as a last touch is always a must for good luck.

MaryMade Personalized Cake Toppers

Reach out and contact me for your personalized cake topper. I have created and shipped worldwide hundreds of toppers on over twenty years. My cake toppers have found a home in the United States, South Africa, Australia, the U.K. and many European countries.
Are you seeking someone to create a unique cake topper for a special event or special person? Contact me now and, we’ll see how I can help you!

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