Cake toppers

I must get back into the habit of writing posts in English every now and then for the benefit of my English-speaking visitors. I’m so sorry for having neglected you over the past months and I promise that as of today I’m going to do something about it.

I’ve been receiving requests for my toppers from Canada, the United States and Norway so I have proof of having readers there.

Let me translate my last Italian post for you because I think you’ll enjoy reading the ideas I put forward on how to use the photos of my cake toppers that I send to you before shipping your topper to you. Before shipping your piece out to you I’d send you a photo like this one.

This morning while having my first coffee and slowly waited for my eyes to open fully I played around with the photo till I came up with this effect …

…which reminded me of some ideas I’ve been wanting to share with you.

How about taking the photo and having it printed out and using it as the cover for your wedding banquet menus?

Not a bad idea, hey?

Or you could use copies of the photos as mass book covers for your church service or similar.

… and last, but not least …. my favourite idea of all … you could have postage stamps made from the photo to put onto your invitations or otherwise you could have stamp-sized stickers to use as seals for your wedding invitation envelopes … something like this:

I love them all!

Oh, by the way I’ll show you a photo of the couple who ordered the cake topper featured in this post …

See ya later!

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  • Ciao Mary, ti ho provato a contattare in più modi, ma purtroppo non ho tue notizie, e mi sto molto preoccupando per la tua salute visto ciò che è successo in Abruzzo, per favore appena puoi mi contatteresti, almeno il mio cuore avrà un po’ più di tranquillità.
    Se hai bisogno di aiuto non esitare a chiedermelo, per ogni cosa io sono qui a tua disposizione.
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