Personalized Wedding Cake topper Manga/anime

Personalized Wedding Cake Topper Manga/anime - Captain Harlock and Sailor Moon
Wedding cake topper Manga/anime

When the Japanese author and illustrator, Leiji Matsumoto, invented the ‘Manga/anime’ science-fiction character, Captain Harlock, he could never have imagined the success that his rebel pirate character would have had even after 50 years. He would undoubtedly be surprised knowing Captain Harlock and Sailor Moon would become a Personalized Wedding Cake topper Manga/anime!

The Japanese Manga/anime cartoons

Like another Japanese Manga/anime cartoon author and illustrator, Naoko Takenchi, who invented the much-loved the beautiful girl-warrior, Sailor Moon.

Japanese Manga/anime cartoons took nearly the whole world by storm in the 1970’s and 1980’s as Manga cartoon series became well known in numerous countries around the world, including Italy.

The many Italian youngsters who grew up watching these Manga/anime cartoons on tv, are now adults and have very fond memories of their favorite cartoon heroes. Two of these adult Manga/anime fans are Valeria and her fiancé, who will be married soon. Among the many fun ideas they have had to make their wedding day extra-special is to have a MaryMade, custom wedding cake topper.

What are the characteristics of manga/anime? Many features make manga distinctive as an art style. Manga characters almost always have large eyes, small mouths, and abnormal hair color. These things give their characters a very western look to them. When Manga illustrations become animations, the term used to describe them is Anime.

About this Wedding Cake Topper

What is their great idea, you ask? Why, a cake topper featuring my interpretation of Captain Harlock and Sailor Moon! The theme of the wedding is Manga/anime cartoons. There will be many references to them. At the wedding reception, for example, every table will be given the name of a Manga/anime cartoon character.

Another is cake-cutting time, which will be the biggest surprise for all the guests when they see the breath-taking cake topper crowning the wedding cake. While working on the cake topper, I included all the details that make each character so recognizable.

Some of these details include Sailor Moon’s long blonde ponytails and her cheeky little stylized sailor suit.

For Captain Harlock instead, his long black cape with its dramatic red lining, skull and cross-bones on his jacket, eye-patch, and tell-tale facial scar.

Let me share a secret with you. The detail I love most in Valeria’s cake topper has to be how I created Captain Harlock’s eye. It gives such depth to his look and summarises the determination that this rebel pirate portrays in the cartoon series.

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Interested in knowing more about me and my cake toppers? I have made and shipped hundreds of personalized toppers around the world: to the U.S., South Africa, Australia, U.K., and most of Europe. My Cake topper are made of Fimo Clay. They are robust and will last to keep the memory of your wedding day alive in years to come.

Learn more about me from the English section of my website where you can see more of my work. Please contact me and tell me about your idea for the cake topper you would like to feature for an unforgettable wedding day 🙂


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