Gwen, Rachelle and John and the Windsurf Cake Topper

Gwen and Rachelle are two sisters from the U.S.A. Together they have pulled off a great surprise for Rachelle’s unsuspecting fiancé, John, who knows nothing about the cake topper he’s going to be seeing ‘crowning’ their wedding cake.

I don’t have any photos of Gwen who ordered the cake topper for her sister, but I do have some great ones of Rachelle and John:

As you can see they enjoy the great outdoors. The next photo was taken near Maui, Hawaii:

These great shots were taken in Yosemite National Park …

John’s passion is windsurfing.


Here he is in action …

… and here they both are on their CAKE TOPPER !!!!

Windsurf Cake Topper - personalized wedding cake toppers

‘Can’t wait to see your wedding photos!