Jill, Matt and Lola

Hi there!

Once in a while I get the chance to write my posts in English thanks to overseas requests for cake toppers. The request for today’s featured cake topper came all the way from the USA.

Jill contacted me last year for her May 2010 wedding.

This is Jill:

… and this is Jill with Matt:

… and this is the cutest little doggy I’ve ever seen:

Her name is Lola:

Jill tells me that Matt is a high school band teacher and that music plays an important part in both their lives, so her idea was to have Lola cheekily ‘stealing’ sheet music from Matt’s jacket pocket.

This is what Matt will be wearing on their wedding day … It will be a morning garden wedding … now, how pretty does that sound?!!

Now, one last look at Jill, Matt and Lola before I show you how I made them …

Here they are …

Won’t everyone be so surprised to see this unique cake topper on their wedding cake? … mini Matt, mini Jill and mini Lola … (Lola is even more ‘mini’ than she already is!)