Laetitia’s big surprise gift!

Today’s post is all about a couple in South Africa … Phillip and Desirée. Desirèe doesn’t know it yet but in a few days’ time she’ll be on ‘cloud nine’ when she receives her cake topper all the way from Italy, thanks to Laetitia (Phillip’s thoughful aunt).

Laetitia contacted me last year …  and that’s when the ‘ball started rolling’ in preparation for the day I would prepare their cake topper. There’s a lot of behind-the-scenes work that goes on before I actually sit down and start working on a cake topper … and in the end, a nice rapport develops between the client and me. That’s exactly what happened with Laetitia.

Here are two lovely photos of the future bride and groom, that Laetitia sent me:

Now for some technical stuff …

This is the fabric that Desirée’s dress will be made out of … (it’s the black side … with a layer of red showing through from beneath):

This is a sketch of the beautiful dress Desirée has chosen:

… and this is how the bottom of the dress will actually be:

Desirée’s earrings:


Her bracelet:

… and now for a touch of genious … Desirée has opted for a black spanish lace fan instead of a bridal bouquet …

Now let’s move onto the groom’s details: This is the suit he has chosen for himself … (very elegant!)

… a close up of Phillip … (his tie/cravat will instead be made of the same fabric as Desirée’s dress).

This is how I put it all together … I really like it and Laetitia, who got a sneak preview yesterday, LOVES it. I posted it out today and within 4-6 days it will have a new home!

… a detail of the bracelet which is hidden by Desirée’s fan in the photo above:

(A big happy birthday wish to Laetitia’s husband, Wilhelm, who’ll be celebrating his ’12th’ birthday 😮 on the 29th of February … With this year not being a leap year, birthday celebrations will be held on February 28th) …

He’s not really 12!!!


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