Rick and Karri

by mary on 28/10/2009 - Last updated 28/10/2009

in cake toppers

This order has come to me all the way from the USA.

I’m dedicating today’s post to Karri and Rick who are both pilots. So what better cake topper would there be than a custom-made cake topper … let’s see what Karri came up with for me to make for them to depict them both and their passion for flying …

Here Karri and Rick are ‘doin’ their thing’!

Here they are again relaxing …

Here’s Karri with her lovely blue eyes …

Some teeny tiny photos to give me an idea of her dress …

… and their cake topper!

From the back of the plane there’s a banner with their names and wedding date … it’s not a great phot I admit … but it gives you the general idea.

It’s on its way to the United States at this very moment … via AIR MAIL … of course! What other way would a plane cake topper travel!!!


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