A wedding cake topper with couple wearing anti-covid masks and leaning in for a kiss

This is the story of a wedding cake topper of a bride and groom wearing surgical masks and kissing. Getting married during a pandemic and celebrating such a happy event is certainly a unique challenge, and some of you decide to do it with original ideas like this custom-made anti-covid topper!

Anti Covid Wedding cake topper of a couple kissing with masks
Wedding cake topper of a couple kissing with masks

Over the decades, numerous artists have depicted the kiss: there’s Klimt’s famous Kiss, the splendid Kiss by Hayez, and the oh, so passionate kiss sculpted in marble by the famous Canova, to name three that immediately come to mind.

My cake topper of a couple kissing wearing masks

Thanks to yet another of my ‘Boomerang’ clients whose name is Maria Laura, I was given a chance to have a go at interpreting a different version of the kiss, the sweetest universal expression of love.

I had created a custom-made, football-related cake topper for this client’s wedding back in 2017.

Now that her sister was getting married on October 22nd, 2020, she contacted me again for another one. This time it was to depict the ‘sign of the times.’

Allow me to explain. As we all well know, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought about change in our daily habits and changes that protect us and those around us as well. So, with this in mind, she came up with the idea of putting face masks on the bride and groom in the cake topper as they delicately kiss. The photos Maria Laura sent me of the couple and the outfits they had chosen were great.

I was able to follow them and make the cake topper just the way she wanted it.

Lastly, I put surgical face masks on the bride and groom. I then brought them close to each other and joined them in a kiss.
Hooray for love!

MaryMade Cake Toppers are made with Love in Italy.

I have created hundreds of cake toppers for couples in so many countries around the world. The list is long: US, UK, South Africa, Australia, continental Europe, and Italy! I have been creating cake toppers since 2007, when I created the very first topper for friends. Turn heads at your wedding with an original MaryMade creation to remember your wedding day in these crazy pandemic times.

How you can order one of my cake toppers

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All my toppers are high-quality Fimo Clay creations for an everlasting unique piece to remember your wedding in years to come 🙂

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