A Travel Themed Wedding Cake Topper

Good morning everyone/Hello out there wherever you are!! Today I wanted to delight all of you with one of my Travel Cake Toppers that I think is incredibly adorable. There is so much material I have to publish yet so little time to sit and write – but then that’s always the case. Unfortunately, it’s been quite a while since I have posted in the English section of my blog. So now let me tell the brief story about this travel-themed cake topper and the couple who reached out to me in search for a polymer clay artist to create their personalized wedding cake topper.

The Travel Cake Topper with Animals

This couple was very creative and had a fantastic and fun idea for their unique cake topper. They decided to create a delightful combination, them in the center and with a backpack to represent their big passion for travelling and discovering the world, and around them 3 extremely cute animals a hippo giraffe and a dog.

Travel Cake Topper for wedding with giraffe, hyppo and a dog
Travel Cake Topper

It was enjoyable to work with this couple – so friendly and creative. They both have a vivid imagination and curious to know my ideas and suggestions on how to make their travel themed wedding cake topper. It didn’t take too long to agree on a theme and for me to get to work!

They look so happy together the two make a perfect couple. The giraffe and the hippo are so cute! They make the ideal background for this Travel Themed Wedding Cake Topper.

I hope my creations bring a smile to your day! 🙂

MaryMade Wedding Cake Toppers ship worldwide

MaryMade Cake Toppers are all created with Fimo. Fimo is a polymer clay which is very strong and resistant to accidental falls. The material used to make cake toppers plays a significant role in the outcome of the composition and has a direct impact on the cost of these unique cake toppers.

I ship just about anywhere in the world at affordable rates. My cake toppers have made it safely to South Africa, the USA, the UK, Australia, and many countries of continental Europe. In nearly 25 years, I have created hundreds of personalized cake toppers for couples seeking a very unique creation to remember their wedding in years to come.

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