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Happy Turtle Buddy…

While looking through my clay cupboard today I found this turtle staring at me with his big eyes beckoning to have his photo taken.

Canes on my desk

I photographed  some canes I recently made that I’ll be using to make some turtles with. They’re quite bright and funky! On the far right of the picture are a few experiments I rather like the look of..I haven’t decided how i’ll be using them but for now they’re sitting happily on my desk as eye-candy. Two of them are extruded cane numbers and the red and yellow swirly one…

Getting Things into Perspective – (The Importance of Feed-Back)

Hearing what others have to say about my work is very important to me. Very often I don’t see further than what’s right in front of me… sometimes there’s more to see than what meets the eye. Let me explain: After looking at my last post my husband pointed out  what should have been obvious to me, but I just didn’t see it! ‘That’s a great photo, but people are…

Animals-Close Encounters of the Froggy Kind

Some people are really difficult to buy gifts for because they seem to have everything…this may be just the thing you’ve been looking for.

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