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Un’ufficiale e … un gentiluomo

Monica è stata davvero sorpresa quando le ho scritto di mandarmi le sue foto perché da tempo era nella mia lista d’attesa. (A volte si crea un ‘buco’ ed in quei casi prendo in considerazione le persone in lista d’attesa … sempre rispettando le data dei matrimoni). Queste sono le foto che mi ha mandato Monica … (E’ facile dover fare una bambolina che rappresenta la sposa quando la sposa…

Not Fair!

I realise I’ve been unfair for way-too-long. My posts have been in Italian for quite some time now. So this one is for all you English speakers out there! I’d like you to meet two young people I made ‘à la Mary’ . I was sent a photo via e-mail by a customer of mine…who by the way, has been keeping me pleasantly busy recently. If I can get her…

Long time no see…no write…too long!

I’m back! I don’t believe how long it’s been since I last wrote. Here’s a little something I was commissioned to make for a wedding that took place last week. (If you look closely you’ll see the bride is wearing Swarovski rhinestone earrings).      

Polymer clay falls in love / Romantic Cake Topper

I think a translation is in order here. I posted this a few days in Italian…not fair for all the English speaking visitors out there. This is a piece I made the day I posted the photo in Italian but it is by no means a new idea of mine. I stumbled on a beautiful quote yesterday that I’d like to share with you because it’s very pertinent as far…

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