Leafa the leaf fairy, my hand made polymer clay dolls in fimo

Leafa,  true to her name, has a dress made of tiny leaves.

This particular leaf fairy was ‘born’  in Autumn, so her dress is covered in deep red leaves.

Polymer clay dolls, hand made creations in fimo by MaryMade.it
Hand made doll dressed in leaves with lady bug

I make these figurines in natural forest tones and I always try to blend colour tones of the same colour family to give them a natural look.

That’s because if you look at, say, a leaf close up, mother nature didn’t limit herself to using just one solid block of green or orange/red as in the case of autumn leaves, the edges of the leaves are different to the colour in the main body of the leaf….. So that’s the way I like to do it too.

She measures approximately 7cm.

The lady bug in her hand brings her good luck so you’ll never see her without it.

Do you know why her hat has such a wide brim?  Well, to protect her from falling dew drops, of course!

Her shiny eyes are two small black glass seed beads.

This leaf fairy still sucks her thumb!!  Look for her friends and sisters in coming posts…you’ll see that some of them have kicked the habit! 


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