Witch? Which Witch?

This Witch!!! A MaryMade.it good witch in polyner clay

A good witch doll in polymer clay
A good witch doll in polymer clay

My Good Witch!….I only make good ones. I’ll have nothing to do with ugly old-haggy ones…I refuse to look at them!

Being the typical Aquarian that I am..’head-in-the-clouds’  type of girl, I like to surround myself with only pleasant, cute, inside-cuddling images and objects….needless to say, the figurines I make must hold true to that need.

A very enthusiastic customer during a fair in Florence made me notice how difficult  cute witches are to come by. I hadn’t given the matter much thought till then…but it really is true!

Obviously then, whenever I create something new, including witches of course, it has to have the potential to touch the heart and bring on a smile.

Are you smiling?

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29/03/2008 at 11:28

testing 1 2 …3
just checking this works…beginning to wonder!

16/10/2008 at 10:56

I met this little witch in person when I was Italy and she is so sweet. To me she also looks very wise. The way she tilts her head, it’s like she’s listening and smiling with you and because she’s a witch she understands everything.

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