You talking to me?

Somehow, modeling faces for my dolls is like sketching.

A face is made up of a few basic elements: 2 eyes, a nose and a mouth…ok, so what?  Nothing new there!

…but depending on where you position these few elements you get a new face, a new expression even.

That’s what happens when I get to the face-modelling part of doll/figurine making. I always use the same sort of seed beads for the eyes….make the same sort of nose and the usual dot for the mouth…but each time the face has a different expression.

This dolly seems to be saying: ‘You talkin’ to me?’


I’m happy with the way my doll turned out. I’ve called her Rita, after the lady who commissioned me to make her. Little dolly-Rita will be part of a new-born baby’s bedroom door plaque which Rita (the lady who commissioned her) is putting together for a friend.

She’s approximately 10cm tall…(the doll, not the lady!  tee hee!)

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