Welcome to Marymade.it and thank you for visiting my website! My name is Mary and I made all the wedding cake toppers for couples getting married or seeking a polymer clay artist who makes personalized cake toppers.

I work with Fimo to create all the wedding toppers you’ll see here on my website.

The following list of links will guide you through the English version of my website – Please feel free to contact me with your specific request and I’ll be in touch to work with you and create your wedding cake topper. For more information about me, how I work, and see a few of my personalized cake toppers read on …

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MaryMade.it Wedding Cake Toppers

When your idea becomes a unique creation

Personalized Wedding Cake Toppers, Groom is a pilot
Wedding Cake Toppers – MaryMade.it

So you know by now my name is Mary. Many call me and search for MaryMade on the web. If this is your first time on my website you’re interested in knowing HOW I create my wedding toppers.

MaryMade Personalized Cake Toppers

There is no specific rule or procedure. I’m an artist and I love to create things. Couples from all over the world have enjoyed working with me in creating their wedding cake toppers. We start with your idea of wedding topper. Typically it’s the bride who contacts me with her idea and together we find a way of transforming that idea into a unique cake topper for her wedding day. We move along in the creation process by defining what can be done. Sometimes you come up with very funny (sometimes wild) ideas for your topper but they’re not always feasible. I’m very upfront about what can and cannot be done. I want to meet your expectations and give you the personalized wedding topper you want.

The Bride and Groom will look like you

My toppers are a unique interpretation of your description and photos. I do my best to capture the most significant details and features of you and make them come to life on your topper. I do not create small replicas of you. Your looks and physical build are based on my interpretation of what you tell me and how I see you. The photos you send me are very important so please choose them carefully!

I need some closeup photos of your faces and a few full-body photos as well: they help me understand how you look together. Another thing people don’t think about is the effect that light has in photos: for example, the color of your hair can change significantly depending on the time of day for external photos. For indoor photos light in the environment is just as important.

Wedding topper with a gagged groom, hands tied and a Ducati bike
Wedding cake topper with groom gagged

A Personalized cake topper for every occasion

I have created toppers for just about every profession and passion. My themed cake toppers for weddings are brides and grooms dressed as policeman, fireman, pilots, or any profession you can imagine that uses a uniform. Then there are those passionate for football, baseball, soccer, cricket, basketball etc. Many brides and grooms wear the football jersey of their favorite team!

Clients ask for personalized cake toppers dressed as doctors, nurses, or playing a sport.

The sky is the limit to imagination and creativity!

My creations are unique and always created on request. People who buy from me seek more than a stylish figurine and expect a wedding topper that makes the difference.

There are no pre-defined production processes in a marymade.it creation. All my toppers are based on your individual story and photos. If you decide to choose me, I will create the cake topper you have always desired by interpreting your story.

Mary knows how important your cake topper is to you

When the cake enters the hall, everyone will notice. Wedding cakes are incomplete without the perfect cake topper.
Marymade.it cake toppers are a unique blend of creativity and character interpretation. Mary will amaze you with her ideas and fun solutions. It is not uncommon for many brides to shed a few tears when they see their cake topper for the first time.


A MaryMade.it cake topper sits in a category of its own

Concetta and her husband in his policeman uniform
wedding topper for policeman in uniform
Personalised wedding cake toppers: a couple passionate about travelling
toppers for travellers
wedding cake toppers: a topper for a couple with their cat
Wedding cake toppers: a couple with their cat

It looks “real” and “alive” and evokes feelings and touch you deeply. Mary cannot make a copy of what you have in mind. Mary offers her interpretation of your idea based on the photos you’ll provide.

My wedding cake toppers are delivered worldwide

Couples from around the world have chosen me many times in 25 years of fun and loving creativity. Mary has shipped cake toppers to many countries in the world including:

  • USA
  • UK
  • South Africa
  • Australia
  • Continental Europe
  • UAE

Shipping and delivery are reliable. I create every cake topper following a rigorous schedule to assure timely delivery.

Every Cake topper comes with a delivery Guarantee. I will replace your cake topper free of charge if it arrives broken.

How to order a MaryMade.it Cake Topper

  • Browse the many categories of cake toppers and find one with an interesting style.
  • Use the contact form to describe your cake topper. Send Mary a detailed description.
  • I will send you a quote based on your description and the number of figurines. Pricing starts at €120,00 for a basic cake topper. Postage and handling will depend on the final destination. Ordering a MaryMade.it Cake topper is simple:

The entire process takes 2 to 3 weeks. Production and delivery depends on the season; May June and July are critical months.

A MaryMade.it Cake Topper is Forever

There are hundreds of websites offering countless options for your wedding cake. A MaryMade.it creation for your wedding is special and will move you at a glance and surprise your guests when they see it on your wedding cake.

There is no limit to your imagination. Brides and grooms alike order fun, cheerful cake toppers to remember their wedding day:

  • workaholic grooms dragged by the bride;
  • couples wearing the colors of their favorite football teams.

You’ll see many cake toppers like so in the photo gallery. Browse the photos and find a topper you like, and contact me to work out how we can transform your idea into a topper for your wedding. See you on the other side!

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