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Hi and thank you for visiting my website where I publish all my work. I’m Mary – this is me, but I rarely look this good!

Mary Tempesta, Polymer Clay Artist. She Creates original hand made Cake toppers for weddings and important events.

I was born and grew up in Sydney, Australia and I live in Italy my husband Sante and 2 sons..Alex and Thomas. We’ve lived in Denmark and Holland too … (but “I still call Australia home.”)

A more recent photo of me:

A recent informal photo of Mary Tempesta, Polymer Clay Artist

I’m a cat-lover… I love everything about them. I love good food and preparing it… and… eating it too!

I strive for tidiness but always end up with a mess again after a few days.. I always find everything anyway!… problem is: no-one else can.

Polymer clay is my passion…it hardly feels like work! I first started working with polymer clay about 20 years ago and over time there has been visible evolution in my work. I make:

  • Cake Toppers of all kinds, mostly for Weddings but also for countless other important occasions in the lives of my Clients
  • Cute Little Angels
  • Animals (sheep and turtles are my favorites)
  • Dolls
  • Fairies and Witches

In the past I have made music boxes, picture frames and jewelry … if I’ve forgotten something I’ll have lots of chances of showing you.

I’d Love to Make your Cake Topper

Yes I really would! 🙂 I have made hundreds of cake toppers and shipped them all over the world. A Marymade.it cake topper will bring you happiness and make you feel good on your special day.

My Cake Toppers have a Competitive Pricing

I don’t list prices because every cake topper is a little story: you tell me what your cake topper is suppose to look like and I’ll send you a quote. Use the from to describe the topper you have in mind and I’ll get back to you with a price and delivery costs.

Marymade.it Ships Worldwide

My cake toppers are sturdy, made to last a lifetime in polymer clay – In 20 years there have been a very small number of cake toppers which have arrived damaged – in the unlikely event this should happen I will replace it with a new one.


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Mary Temptesta, Polymer Clay Artist

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  • Mary,

    I just wanted to say your work is BREATHTAKING!!! I am a novice cake decorator and I’ve been learning how to work with gumpaste and making little figurines… I have so much to learn and am excited… your website is a true inspiration!!!!


  • Hi Mary,

    Your gumpaste toppers are too cute, specially the weeding once.

    Well i am too a cake & Pastry designer (though my main job is Software Engineer and i work n Live in India) and i am still learning. Just got to know about ur website and must say its all true passion that lead you to do such work. Kind of inspiration to me as well 🙂

    I just have a question, in case you are living in hot summer days in asian countries like india how the fondant and gumpaste figurines can hold its shape without melting?

    Asking this because i face this issue in India. 🙂


    • Hi Thanks for your visit.
      I don’t have your problem because I don’t use gum paste. I model my figurines in Fimo clay and then bake them. The oven hardens them and they remain that way forever.
      I hope I’ve been of some help.