A Workoholic and a Shopoholic …

I was recently re-contacted by a returning customer who asked me to prepare a cake topper for her friends this time.

This is a photo of the lovely bride …

… and this is the groom …

… and both of them together …

… and this is how I made their cake topper …. But hey, wait a minute! What’s that thing the groom’s holding?… And I seem to notice something red hanging off the bride’s shoulder …


That’s what it is!!

It’s a well known European fashion store shopping bag! She LOVES shopping there! … She gets all her clothes there!


And the groom’s holding a tool of the trade he’s in, the building trade,… he’s holding a worn-out trowel … and see the bottom side of it? It still has cement on it!!
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24/06/2009 at 07:59

Buon giorno a tutte! Mary farà il mio cake topper e sarà meraviglioso come quelli che ci ha abituate a vedere sul sito e come quello di oggi!! Questi sposini sono dolcissimi.

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