“… and they lived happily ever after”

by mary on 14/06/2009 - Last updated 16/06/2009

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Let me take you back down ‘memory lane’ … do you remember seeing this couple featured in an earlier post of mine?

.. and do you remember their cake topper as well?

Simona and Enrico surprised me by sending me a collection of beautiful photos that were taken on their wedding day which took place in May. Let me share them with you! They’re gorgeous!

(Wedding magazine material if you ask me!)

What a lovely bride!

Now honestly, could you imagine the cake without a cake topper on it? It would still be a lovely cake … but it’s even nicer with a cute little topper sitting on it, don’t you think?

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  1. rossella says:

    Che belloooo… non vedo l’ora di vedere come starà anche il mio sulla nostra torta….mamma mia che ensia…ormai manca davvero poco!!!!

  2. Rossella says:

    uhm… ensia… stava per ansia…!!!!

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