Necessity was the mother of my invention :0)

Yes I give all due credit to that great ‘mother’ known as ‘necessity’.

Over the past months people have clearly shown a great interest in my cake toppers and a number of them have asked to have them made as souvenirs for their wedding guests …..Now my name isn’t Rockefeller, Murdoch or Gates as I’m sure the same goes for most of my readers. The cost of having these as wedding keepsakes for invited guests would be astronomical ….so …

Enter invention …….!

I’d like to introduce you to my latest invention ….. the ultimate idea for wedding favors or even wedding centre pieces for each table.

Drum roll…..

my "Mini Bride and Groom"….

Here they’re seen having their photographs taken in the park after the wedding ceremony :0)

They’re great because I can customize:

-colour of hair

-colour of outfits

-colour of bouquet

and what’s more … I can write the names of the happy couple and wedding date under the rock they’re modeled on.

What more could you want?

(height approx. 1.5 inches … depending on size of rock)
Click here to order or to ask for info now !

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